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300 W Goodrich Ave
Thomaston, GA, 30286

(706) 647-4844

A Southern Baptist church prominently located in the West Village area of the Silvertown community of Thomaston, GA.

Silvertown Baptist Church is voluntarily affiliated with the Centennial Baptist Association, the Georgia Baptist Convention, and the Southern Baptist Convention.

We host a free community soup kitchen every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Everyone is welcome.

Meeting Needs in Thomaston, GA


We host a free community soup kitchen every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. We are currently serving about 100 people twice a week.

Our volunteer staff serves soup, cornbread, dessert, and sweet tea--occasionally we have other things as well--to all who come. The volunteers come from across our community, not just our church. Some of the food is purchased, but many of our ingredients are donated from generous individuals, farmers, and area businesses.

Our hungry guests come from all over as well: some because they need the meal, some because they like the chance to get together with friends, some just because it's something to do. Everyone is welcome.


UPDATE: We have suspended weekly food box distribution indefinitely.

We have ended our weekly food assistance program. It became clear that we were supplying food to people who met certain government established criteria but who were not being truly helped by our efforts. There are several other ongoing food programs in our area.

We have a significant amount of free food items available on a first-come-first-served basis on most Tuesdays and Thursdays. We still maintain a reasonable supply of nonperishable food for those who find themselves in a true emergency. We have not yet set up an official process for receiving a box, so just ask for Tammy in the Soup Kitchen or get in touch with a pastor.


Limited funds are available for emergency help with utility bills, rent, or necessary prescription medications through a partnership with the Upson County Ministerial Association. We only process applications for financial assistance beginning at approximately 10:00am on Tuesdays, and we are currently only taking about four applicants each week. It is first-come-first-served, so we encourage you to arrive early. Please do not call the church office asking about financial assistance.

Proof of residency in Upson County and a photo ID are required to apply for assistance. Applicants are limited to receiving financial assistance once every 12 months. Funds are mailed directly to the business or organization to which they are due, so apply before your due date to be sure they arrive in time to avoid additional fees.

No cash is available.

If we are unable to help you, then you can seek help by contacting one of several other UCMA participating churches.